Must Read Links

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Must Read Links. Let’s get right to it:

  • Very cool post from the Innovation Leadership Network called “Being Wrong is the Only Way to Learn”. Essentially, don’t shy away from experimenting with your ideas as the cost of doing so is probably less than you think.
  • Seth Godin blogged about an interesting concept that I think it quite relevant in today’s communication age: “famous to the family”. It’s not about who’s famous in general that’s important (though it is), but don’t discount those that are famous to a small group. It’s likely they’ll be even more influential to that particular group than someone who is famous on a mass level.
  • I’ve been following the SMArt initiative for a while now, but the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT just announced a developer contest to develop iPhone-like healthcare apps using the SMArt architecture. This has huge potential – just needs developers to take up the challenge, and hopefully this will spur them to do so.
  • We’ve seen many try it, but could we be turning the corner on social search finally?
  • Lots of discussion about LinkedIn Today launching. It’s a cool feature, but I already get all my news through RSS. Will I actually use this? Maybe, but my guess is it won’t be as frequently as LinkedIn would like.
  • I’ve been hard on the Motorola Xoom, especially its $800 price tag. Looks like I may have been right.
  • Yahoo is selling Delicious for $5 million. Yikes, might as well give it away. It’s a shame, I use Delicious and would like to see it continue.
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